Where to get TEF Certificate online from in France

TEF certificate online in FRANCE. Test d’évaluation de Français (TEF) is a French Language assessment Test for known French speakers to prove their skill in the French Language. Additionally, the French evaluation test as it is known in English evaluates your French skills. Register for the TEF exam online. Also, TEF certificate is valid for 2 years once the results are released.

TEF certificate online
achieve TEF certificate online

TEF Certificate test

TEF is made up of 5 modular tests. Further, TEF is a modular test which mean base on what you want to do and the program, register for the version of the TEF that includes the tests you need.

  • Listening comprehension (OC)
  • Reading comprehension (CE)
  • Oral Expression (EO)
  • Written Expression (EE)
  • Lexicon and structure (LS) 

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How to pass TEF exam

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